Build iOS apps faster.

Transform your designs into industry standard Swift code instantly.


Pixelcode is a web-based tool that allows you to upload iOS designs and automatically generate Swift code.
  1. Follow our documentation to name components in your designs.
  2. Simply upload the designs onto the web app using the Pixelcode plugin.
  3. View screens, download functional Swift code, leave comments to clarify anything, and view the up-to-date style guide.
  4. Link screens using our Navigation feature so that buttons lead to different screens.


Industry Swift Code
Generate code that follows industry standard iOS developer conventions and uses AutoLayout to ensure pixel-perfect designs for all different sizes.
Create transitions easily between iOS screens with our web application so that action buttons lead to different screens.
Discuss designs with designers, managers, and developers. Leave comments to clarify anything.
Style Guide
Upload your designs to automatically generate style guides to help developers easily view all the fonts, sizes, and colors.
Sketch Friendly
Sync your Sketch artboards to the web application using our Pixelcode plugin.
Transform iOS components such as UIButton, UITableView, and UINavBar into functional Swift code. More components are being added every week!


List Views
These are defined by a group with [Name]ListView. There is an optional bound rectangle that defines the wash, and everything else must be inside groups called [Name]Cell
Tab Bars
Tab bars must be in a group with tabBar in its name. Active tab bar buttons must contain activeTabButton in its name. Nonactive must contain tabButton in its name.
Buttons within a cell must be labeled [Name]Button
Labels (Text)
Text do not have to be specifically labeled! Just the [Name] is fine.
Images, polygons, paths, circles do not have to be specifically labeled! Just the [Name] is fine.
All Supported Components


Our Story

Our team, comprised of a product designer, iOS developer, and backend developer saw a gap in existing design hand-off tools. We realized that despite having pixel-perfect designs, developers spend much of their time coding pixels. We built Pixelcode to streamline this process by instantly generating functional code from designs.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make iOS app development as seamless as possible. By reducing the time spent on coding pixels, teams have more time to focus on more important things such as functionality.


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